CA RES II Plenary Meeting, 20-21 May 2015 - Ireland, Dublin

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CA EED Plenary Meeting dates

20-21 October 2015 - Luxembourg

CA EED Introduction

The Concerted Action for the Energy Efficiency Directive (CA EED) was launched in spring 2013 in order to support the effective implementation of the Directive on Energy Efficiency (2012/27/EU) in all EU Member States as well as Norway.

By providing a trusted forum for exchange of experiences and collaboration, the CA EED helps countries learn from each other, avoid pitfalls and build on successful approaches when implementing the Directive.

The  CA EED is financed under the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Commission and builds upon the second Concerted Action (CA ESD II) supporting the implementation of the Energy Services Directive (2006/32/EC). The CA EED benefits therefore from a strong European network and a wealth of information gathered and lessons learned.

More specifically, the objectives of the CA EED are to:

  • Enhance and structure the sharing of information and experiences from national implementation whilst promoting good practice concepts in activities to improve and strengthen Member State implementation of the EED.
  • Create favourable conditions for an accelerated degree of convergence of national procedures in EED related matters.
  • Complement the work of the Committee on the Energy Efficiency Directive

The work of the CA EED is structured around eight Core Themes covering the key requirements of the EED:

  1. National Energy Efficiency Action Plans and annual reports and measuring progress in energy efficiency
  2. Public Sector - public buildings and public purchasing
  3. Metering and billing, demand response and grid issues
  4. Funds and Financing for energy efficiency
  5. Energy services and ESCOs, energy auditing, solving administrative barriers
  6. Consumer information programmes, training and certification of professionals
  7. Efficiency in Energy Supply, high efficiency CHP and heating/cooling
  8. Energy efficiency obligation schemes, monitoring impacts of eligible measures

In practice, the work carried out within the CA EED is organised around a series of 11 two-day Plenary Meetings spread over the six-year duration of the action. Each Plenary Meeting involves a number of parallel sessions focusing on specific subtopics within the 8 Core Themes. For each subtopic, a Working Group composed of 2 to 3 participants from different Member States, is established and is in charge of collecting information, preparing the discussion and summarising key findings after the Plenary Meeting.

There are two sister Concerted Actions which support the transposition and implementation of the Renewables Directive and Energy Performance of Building Directive: